How to Finally Start Building Wealth Through Care

A step-by-step strategy and framework for starting your own Licensed Assisted Living, Group Home or Community Hab Business without the struggle of trying to figure it out all on your own.

Are you wanting to gain clarity so you can build the foundation to start building wealth through care that allows you to make $6k, $10k, $20k, or even $50k per month even if you don't own the licensed property!?


Do any of these sound familiar?

You want to open your Licensed Assisted Living, Group Home or Community Hab business because you care deeply about serving youth or adults but are lost with the next steps to take.

You want to know how to find the requirements for your state outlining what you need to become a licensed or certified provider.

You want to know your options as to which service to provide (as there are many options), not just based on the revenue + passion of providing care.

You want to build wealth by providing care to those that are often overlooked, but lack the business plan, financial projections to really move you through the start-up phase of your business. 

You want to stop working so freaking hard to figure out the next step to take to open your business then learn you were doing it the hard way all along

Nailed it right?

There’s good news though!

Even though it took me a long time (like a really, really long time) get started.

Getting started isn't so scary or complicated at all! Once I understood what to research, what practical action steps to take, and what mindset shifts I needed to make give me the momentum I needed to get started...

Now that I have been through all the ugly for you... 

I’m ready to help you master it all so you can start Building Wealth Through Care!


Does this sound like you?

You are determined to get started but overwhelmed with the confusing process.

 You finally get started with your research, then fall off when you hit a wall.

 You are struggling to understand the different types of care you can provide + clientele + Business Model.

 You want mentorship so you can start, grow and scale a very profitable business in care but NO one local wants to help.

You might be experiencing this problem because...

The state makes it hard to find information to get started, which leaves you feeling stuck, overwhelmed with getting started.

Unfortunately, A LOT of local providers who are already in the business don't want to help you because they see you as competition.

There are several different care business models which is super confusing and unsure of what to even research or how much you can make leaving you feeling paralyzed.

My Before & After Story

  • 2014 I left my corporate job at a mortgage company for my career in care as a Foster Parent, I fell in love with providing care.
  • 2015, I wanted to start my own Agency but wasn't sure how to get started. I was stuck here for two years as I didn't understand the state regulations or requirements.
  • 2017, My Application was finally submitted (yay!), we got our first client a day after certification was approved. Revenue that year: $38K
  • 2018, Revenue: $331K
  • 2019, Revenue: $672K
  • 2020, Revenue: $750K
  • 2021, Revenue: $ OVER A MILLION

Imagine the Possibility

Your life BEFORE the program:


Confused still trying to figure out how to get your business started and what to do next.

Feel defeated because each step you take forward, you take FIVE backward.

Unsupported, with no one to turn to for questions, ideas, and thoughts off of.

Your life AFTER the program:


You have a plan and practical action steps to take to get your business started.

The clarity in the different types of care you can provide based on your passion + qualifications + business goals.

A mentorship that is 100% there for you. You can lean on for questions and support. You feel empowered!

How amazing would it be to have a roadmap + mentorship + coaching so you can start Building Wealth Through Care?


Start-up Provider Program

A self-study program and weekly live group coaching sessions over 12 months so you can get on track with building wealth through care so much faster!

With Start-Up Provider Program, you can:

Collapse Your Timeline to Success
Work Smarter, Not Harder with Mentorship there to Guide You
Build a Business with Both Profit + Passions in Mind

What is Included?



Created specifically for those in the start-up phase so they have the foundation in place to Start Building Wealth Through Care.


Hot Seat Style Coaching Calls to help you through any challenges along the way, first call of each month for new members.


Connect with a dope ass community that will Uplift and Empower you! (you can expect me to pop in 1 time per day M-F to answer questions)


What You'll Learn in this Online Program

A Hybrid Program with Self-Study and weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions over 12 Months so you can get on track with opening your business so much faster!



How to set a strong foundation that will carry you through doing the research + endurance to keep pushing and build momentum.

Outline your BIG vision and goals that you want for yourself as you Build your Business.

The daily habits that will help you go beyond manifesting to practical action taking to reach your desired success.

How to banish negative thoughts that hold you back and start embodying self-empowering beliefs.

Why doing the inner work is so important to create success.



Understand the clientele you can serve along with the funding sources that pay for the care for those clients to be in your care and services.

Not all clients are the same, learn how to sort them out based on the clientele you may want to serve.

Learn the breakdown of Funding Types available to you based on the care you provide.

How to identify what funding source a client has when being presented when presented with a potential client.

Learn the 12+ Types of Services you can provide along with different business models.



How to research in your market including rates, provider requirements, rates, need based on the type of care you want to provide.

How to find out what your community needs without you wasting time or money in an area that is over-saturated in your community.

How to find the numbers and rates based on the service you want to provide. FYI - They don't make it easy.

How to find the Licensure Requirements based on the type of provider you want to become.

Learn the 4 things you need to identify before applying for your license so you don't waste money.



How to become a provider NOW without having your business structure in place + making money to get the business started quickly.

Learn the power of Affiliation and Partnerships for both you and your community.

How to make POSITIVE Impact NOW so that YOU are More Prepared and add to your VALUE as a NEW Provider.

Discover Your Income Potential through Partnerships and Make Money NOW to INVEST into your Business

How to stand out and meet what Providers Agencies are looking for when deciding to partner.



How to structure your business plan so you can get your business started on a legit foundation to meet Licensing Requirements + profit forecast.

How to create the business structure based on your personal business goals and licensing requirements.

Craft Your Business Plan with information that's relevant to the industry of care without overcomplicating it.

Additional Set up you need to have set up so that are overlooked. Along with establishing Business Credit

Learn how to calculate what your revenue could be along with any outlined expenses allowing you to see where you could be in 3-6 months and beyond.



How to better understand the residential licensing requirements with clarity, policy & procedures creation, submitting your application + prepping for inspection.

Learn how to easily create policies and procedures even if you've never written one before.

How to prepare for a licensing inspection so you look like a pro + leave your licensing specialist very impressed.

How to obtain insurance that will cover your business.

Create the Staffing Plan that meets your licensing requirements and business goals.

Limited Time Exclusive Bonuses 

Enroll now and you'll get these 4 bonuses totally FREE!

Goal Setting Workshop [Replay]

Is designed for Aspiring Providers to help you better stay on track by identifying your goals and a plan to achieve them.

(VALUE $197)

Marketing Magic Mini Training

The marketing strategy you need so that you can keep your homes and programs FULL allowing you to hit your desired revenue goals.

(VALUE $697)

Documentation Packs 

You will get Sample Policy and Procedure + Forms and Logs + Service Agreement packs you can edit to fit your state regulations.

(VALUE $2,500)

Systems Training

Everything runs smoother with systems. I will teach you the exact systems you can use to streamline your business so you can run smoothly while maximizing your time.

(VALUE $647)


Coaching with Ariana Jay has been a valuable experience! I am in the process of applying for licensure and certification of a Family Care Home/Adult Foster Care in Indiana. Prior to working with Ariana, I was struggling to navigate Indiana’s requirements. Writing policies and procedures was a daunting hurdle.

Ariana was knowledgeable, kind, and ready to share her knowledge, a great coach! She helped me understand HCBS Waivers and clarified the application process. Ariana helped me to align Indiana Administration Code to the required policies and procedures to streamline the writing process.  I cannot express how much more confident I am with my application process. I plan to utilize her coaching as I continue to grow my business and highly recommend her.


Before coaching with Ariana Jay, I knew that I had the passion and the drive to open my own group home and serve my community but I did not have the knowledge or the know how. After coaching with Ariana Jay, I am now fully equipped with all the knowledge that I nee to open my first group home.


I really enjoyed our call last night! I want to give a huge shout out to our coach Ariana Jackson for taking the time to diligently listen to us and help us figure out where we are and what our next steps should be. I feel empowered and led in the right direction! Thank you for your selflessness and helping us start businesses, serve the community, employ people and create generational wealth for our families! The journey may not be easy, but anything worth having isn't! #wecandothis


So I did a thing…
I did something special for ME. I invested in myself! You see, I have goals and I’m on a mission. I’m an educator by trade but I’ve been led to serve in a capacity that is completely out of my wheelhouse. I’m thankful for the awareness that I needed the expertise of someone who has excelled in that very area. She answered all my questions, addressed my concerns, and dropped knowledge that literally saved me thousands of dollars!!! Ariana's knowledge is vast and her expertise is valuable. Her coaching is more than worth the investment, you’re more than worth the investment.


Is This Program Right For Me?

This program is a fantastic fit for you if
  • You are a driven, ambitious aspiring provider with BIG goals and struggle with the next steps to take.

  • You want to show up for yourself + and apply the mentorship and guidance.

  • You've been searching high and low for a program like this and are ready to commit!

This program isn't the best fit for you if
  • You want a Done-for-You Service and want Ariana Jay to do all the work for you.
  • You want to ONLY work with me in a 1-1 capacity.
  • You aren't willing to put in the work to make your dreams a reality.

Here's How It Works


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After payment is processed, you'll receive a confirmation email along with your login info


You will have access to the program and can start immediately!


I've been doing this a long time...

Here's the deal, being at the starting line is exciting but daunting. I get it..

If you are here it's because you have a passion for care, like me. AND you want to Build Wealth for yourself and your family, LIKE MEEE! Period.

With tried and true strategy + research, you can start the business on your terms just as I did many years ago, without having to pay a consultant $10k - $30K.

I'm offering you the opportunity to LEARN. DO. EARN.

Through my coaching and mentorship, you’ll learn how to get your business started as solid as it can be - no matter your starting point.


This opportunity was a blessing. Ariana Jay is heaven sent. This woman is more than a coach. I now have a forever mentor, colleague and friend. Ariana is very organized and detail oriented. She was candid and transparent sharing not only her and her partners secrets to success in this industry but she very skillfully provided tips and tools for not just starting your business but sustainability. She is truly an expert at assisted living and she provides insights to every aspect of the business – the best part this information can be applied not only to assisted living but to any other industry.

Ariana has basically provided me with a road map to success and she didn’t stop there – I would venture to say because of her well versed knowledge of the industry and all that it takes to be your own boss.

However, listed when I tell you this girl operates on another level. What I loved most was she’s very personable and passional about what she does – it was evident that she does everything decent and in order – she teaches skills you won’t find in a book or via Google. She was patient taking the time to answer all my questions.


Best Business Coach on this side of Heaven. Ariana, you have literally changed my business life for the better!

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for all you amazing and meticulous coaching sessions. You are what the doctor order to reenergizes business owners in this season. Thank you for helping me take my business off life support. Your frank and neutral advice has helped us grow our agency from a negative margin to a positive margin.

You are an industry expert and the information provided can be trusted (best business practices ever). What made me a true fan of yours was your transparency about the difficult times in operating an assisted living and group homes. Your heart is in the right place, your passion is felt in each and every Facebook post. Working with you has been a blessing and a positive impact. Our coaching sessions was therapeutic, professional, educational, insightful, non-stressful and pleasant.

Most importantly, her coaching pricing was affordable. Thank you for creating such a platform that is raw and transformational. I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done. Know that you make a difference!

I strongly encourage everyone to have a coaching session with Ariana, she comes highly recommended to start, grow and scale your business.

-All the best in business,
CECE, President/CEO